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Lisa Brandewie

My oldest who is 8 now, has been going here since she was 1. She’s always loved being there and loved her teachers. My 9 month old also attends Tomorrow’s Promise. The nursery staff seems very attentive to her. The staff at Tomorrow’s Promise has always been very helpful and understanding.

Becca LightsTheSky

I have to say that I know my daughter is not the only child in her class but the staff is so great that I feel as if she is the only one and that she stands out in the class!
Love love love sending my daughter here. I have been sending her to Tomorrow's Promise since she was 6 months old and she's now 2 years old. I love that they teach her things, words, songs, signs, and they do crafts!!
I've gotten to know the teachers she is around a lot and they are so great at answering my questions about her progress.
I have overheard a parent say he doesn't get good communication but I don't know how that could be because any time I ask question they try to answer.

Barbara Fontenot

Great group to work with. Everyone is very happy and friendly!! The classrooms are well maintained and staff has lots of awesome materials to work with!

Marlaina McBee

My daughter has been at Tomorrow’s Promise since February and it’s been great! I know she is well taken care of and loved. All the staff is so friendly and caring, it makes dropping her off every morning easy.

Tasha Terry

I really enjoyed this daycare. They are very professional. Any time I had a concern or question they followed up with me in a timely manner. They helped with potty training so I was at ease and they made me feel like they were there to help every step of the way. They are very nice, always smile and very helpful I give 5 stars.

Melissa M

for a couple of years now and love going every day. They love their teachers, friends, and all of the activities that they provide. The staff is always welcoming and kind. Especially during this pandemic I feel that they have made every effort to do what is necessary to keep the children safe. I feel better knowing that my kids are there being loved and well cared for while I have to be at work.

Hannah Folk

We love tomorrow’s promise! My first daughter is now 2 and a half and has been going since she was 6m old. My 2nd is now 5m and she’s been since 2m. We love every one of the teachers and helpers, plus the entire office team is so helpful and amazing. Kaye and Charlotte are always available.

Some super star teachers we’ve had and love are Saesha, Ashley, Valerie, Liz, and Meisha. Everyone is amazing we just don’t interact with them often as they’re in other classes!

Benjamin Burroughs

Our daughter went to this school for 5 years. The level of education that she received from this institution was priceless. She has been more than prepared for her start in Kindergarten. The women that touched our lives working there, and providing an atmosphere for learning are outstanding. They are also a very caring group that truly want every child they encounter to succeed. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a place for their child.

randomness massage

My children absolutely love it here! Kaye and Charlotte are so respectful and help me with anything I need. The summer feild trips for the kids are amazing including splash town and the zoo's and skating, but what I really love about them is that I can trust them with my children and I know they will be taken care of!

Samantha Collier

This was my first experience with a daycare. I had heard horror stories of child care and was really hesitant of taking my kids to daycare, but I had no choice as a single mom working full time with no other resources. These people have been absolutely wonderful to me and my kids. Both of my boys adore their teachers, and the director was such a blessing in helping ease my fears. And the staff is so friendly. Thank you so much Tomorrow's Promise family for such an amazing first experience.

Ashlea Smith-Garner

my children attended this school for YEARS. they learned so much there. Ms. Annie, nicole, Ashley, Kyra, and Erica were there at that time (years ago i tell ya) they treated my daughters as family. the staff loved them when needed, chastised them when appropriate and ALWAYS had my back as a parent. The director and staff were never afraid to correct my parenting (I was younger than 25 yrs of age working full time as a single mother) they were my village.

Hanna Himmel

I’m very pleased with Tomorrow’s Promise. My daughter has been enrolled since September 2017, and I love the staff here. They are very understanding and go above and beyond to accommodate you if you need it. I was in a car accident last week and they’ve been very helpful with getting my daughter in and out of the car, since my left hand is fractured and I can’t pick her up for 3 weeks. If anyone has ever had problems, or is having problems here, then just go talk to administrators. They’re very open to what you need and listen to what you have to say. Meshia and Samantha are some of the best people I’ve ever met, and I feel very comfortable leaving my daughter here every day. There are very few people that I trust with my daughter, but I trust the staff at Tomorrow’s Promise.

Emily D

My three year old and one year old have been going here for three months-so far they are happy and that makes me happy.

Update: My now 5 and 4 year old boys have been attending Tomorrow’s Promise Montessori School for 2 years and 8 months. I couldn’t have asked for a better preschool for my children. I have multiple coworkers who decided to take their children to TMPS on our recommendation and are also very pleased. From the Administration, to the loving teachers, to the helpful aids- Absolutely 100% satisfied.

Clint Henson

Very professional.


My children have attended Tomorrow's Promise for the last 4 years and we love them! Every single member of staff is amazing! My kiddos have learned so much, emotionally and intellectually, and I have to give many many thanks! We love yall to pieces and I am personally quite grateful to yall for caring for, teaching, and loving my babies the way yall do!

Brittney Gourlay

mark lebedzinski

Asherah Hawkins

Kayla Wilson

I love their program
Tomorrows Promise the Montessori school of Huntsville has provided some of the best services money can buy. I love their program & how well the team works together. They make sure you know every child, no matter if it’s their class or not. This was my child’s first time experiencing any type of child care and he has enjoyed every moment of it. The teachers are very patient, attentive, and very sweet. I would recommend this school to anyone in the area, they truly are a Loving daycare!

Melanie Slaughter

Tomorrow’s Promise is THE place in Huntsville to take your children. They are not just a daycare or a school, they are family. The teachers are invested in your child’s success and happiness. My 5 children walked through those halls and have fond memories, and learned so much. They are becoming young adults now but Tomorrow’s Promise is part of the fabric of our lives. As a working mother I am so grateful for the support and educational opportunities afforded to my children because of the teachers, moms, and administration at Tomorrow’s Promise.

Sabrina McNabb

Our 2 year old has been attending Tomorrow's Promise since she was 6 MONTHS old. The staff is amazing. Beginning in the nursery, she was taught sign language. Her communication skills verbal and sign are better than some adults. I credit Tomorrow's Promise with assisting with development of her learning skills. We receive daily reports of her meals and potty schedule. The staff always report how her day went. (Good or bad days) . We are proud she part of the Tomorrow's Promise family. 👪 Many thanks to excellent child care.

suzette roundtree

I just left Tomorrow’s Promise and they are amazing. The staff is friendly and the prices are extremely affordable.

Fplaya Moon

Both of my children visit me through out the year periodically and Tomorrow's Promise has always worked with me. They have always been understanding with my situation and my children were definitely loved and cared for by all staff members there. I always feel like they are in great hands with them.

Bonnie Jackson

Both of my kids go here and they love it! the teachers are beyond amazing and the office staff is always the best 🖤

Kedria Jenkins

Wishing they had more schools closer! I absolutely love this school, and their staff! My daughter went as a toddler. She was so advanced when we moved, the school here had to pull curriculum from the 2nd graders just so she wouldn’t be bored. At the age of 1 she knew how to communicate in sign language. By age of 3 she was already reading 3 letter words. Learning basic math, recognizing sight words, counting to 20 in Spanish. Let’s just say if they had a school closer, I’d be the first to enroll my toddler now.

Lanette Michelle DeFord

My girl has been at this school since 12 weeks old. She is 4.5 now. She has learned soooo much from all of her teachers. This is not just a daycare. This a real school environment in which the kids start learning from day 1. She has already learned all of her letter and how to write them. She can write her own name (first, middle, and last). She is learning how to sound out words. She can count to 100 with very little assistance. Knows all of her major colors. She will start kindergarten this next year and I’m confident that she will be ahead of her class. Couldn’t ask for a better learning environment. Her manners are wonderful. She is able to clear her own dishes after meals and put them in the sink. I could go on and on... they teach school lessons along with life lessons. It’s just the best school.

Jr Hartley

they're easy going easy to work with

Rebecca Matcek

I have so many wonderful things to say and so few characters to say it in. I love this daycare/school. My daughter is not even two yet and she's already using sign language, verbal words, and insisting on being helpful around the house. She is also working on potty training at the school and it makes the training at home so much easier. The teachers and other staff treat us like family.

Vickie Hickinbotham

Montessori Method of teaching is the best and should be taught in all schools. !!
5 stars

Megan Leann Jones

I went to this school ever since I was little and it was the best I've ever been to! I love how sweet the the teachers are and you make friends in there so fast! Thank you for the best experience ever! They teach so much.

Erin Pruitt

I love everything about this school! Enrolling my son here is one of the best decisions I've made!

Rhonda Baker Major Burrage

Steven Noel Sikes Jr.

Safiya Mccullough

Teresa Girdley

Rebecca M.

I can't think of a better place to send my daughter. She's been attending this school/daycare since she was under a year old. They do wonderful crafts, read books, sing songs, give the kiddos lots of playtime. I get to watch her advance so quickly and having a desire to help around the house.

Alexandria P.

Love these guys. They don't give up on teaching your child if the first method they try doesn't work. They keep working with them till they actually learn! They believe in helping your child learn so that they can grow up and do great things. They have smaller classes and that helps get more one on one time with the students.

J L F.

My husband and I LOVE this school! Both of our children have gone here since they were six weeks old through pre-k. My son that is now in second grade, started kindergarten way above his classmates in reading, spelling and math. He was even recommended for the gifted and talented program due to his advanced skills. We have no doubt that this is because of the invaluable gift of a Montessori education he received here. Our youngest son is almost four now and on the same path. Thank you to all the amazing staff and teachers for caring so much for our children's education and future. We highly recommend this school!:)