Your Child Gets Ready
To Soar With Montessori

Give Your Child The Space To Learn, Imagine, And Connect With The World Around Them

Your Child Gets Ready
To Soar With Montessori

Give Your Child The Space To Learn, Imagine, And Connect With The World Around Them

Pre-K | 3 - 5 years | Serving Huntsville, TX and Walker County

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Invite Advanced Learning Counting Beads, Sandpaper Letters, And More

Montessori materials are tactile which means your child learns through touch and experience.  It’s proven that knowledge retention is far greater when children learn by doing, and they develop superior thinking skills though this kind of play.

Math beads

allow children to hold numbers in their hands and conceptualize numbers. The hundred cube, for example, lets them explore complex concepts. Children learn abstract math through concrete materials.

Sandpaper Letters

children trace the letters with their fingers while saying the sound the letter makes. This method of teaching the letters helps them learn to read by incorporating visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), and kinesthetic (movement) learning.

The Pink Tower

for hands-on exploration of size, order, gravity and more. This simple stacking tool is pink since Maria Montessori tried many different colors, and concluded that children played most with this pink toy.

Mixed-Age Classrooms Develop Empathy And Other Social Skills

Older children have ample opportunities to help younger children.  They develop empathy, patience, and leadership skills.  In a mixed-age classroom, your child is also preparing for life.  Inclusion and caring for others become a natural part of their character.

Montessori Materials Build Self-Awareness Every Day

Montessori sensorial materials serve the primary purpose of developing and refining the different senses. The materials are designed to help students experience, notice, and categorize the incoming sensory information all around them. This leads to awareness of themselves and the world around them.

The Freedom To Choose Develops Confidence Now

The Montessori Prepared Environment gives your child the freedom of choice. They can opt for different activities placed on trays within their reach so that they can “work” with other materials -and through challenges- until they’ve mastered a skill. 

Practical Life Activities Are The Foundation Of Their Experience

Fulfill your child’s plea: “Help me to do it myself!” Through exercises in daily living, such as pouring and scrubbing, sewing and gardening, or practicing grace and courtesy, the child gains confidence and mastery of the environment. After individual skills are refined, children apply them in purposeful work, such as serving juice or polishing.

Practical Life Activities Contribute To:

The Three-Period Lesson: A Key Part of the Montessori Method

During the first period, it is important to always isolate the appropriate words. It is good to repeat the words several times while pointing to the appropriate item. There is no need to rush; there is beauty in the calm serenity of the lesson.
Extend the handling and action presented in the first lesson. Most adults want to rush through this period and prematurely ask students to verbally identify materials without enough practice. This is the most critical period and should last the longest. During the second period, the Montessori teacher has the opportunity to review and reinforce vocabulary as well as see what connections the child made. 
This is the first time the Montessori teacher asks the child to name the object or idea, only when she is sure that the child will succeed. This may come some time after the second-period lesson as mastery often takes time. Since the ultimate goal is to help the child master the information, teachera are careful not to move into the mode of correcting the child.

How Children Learn Math In A Lasting Way

The Montessori math program addresses three separate concepts: number, quantity, and the relationship of the two together. The child uses concrete materials that isolate each concept, then the child is shown how to label a quantity with the appropriate numerical symbol.

Pre-reading, Reading & Writing Are The Focus

Montessori language materials are designed primarily to teach children the intricacies of written and spoken language. A firm grasp of writing and speaking will allow students to progress with their learning. Students use language materials to explore letters, sounds, handwriting, and eventually spelling and writing. If your child stays with us through Kindergarten they leave our program knowing how to read. 

Unfold A World Of Geography That Strengthens Their Learning

Your child learns Science, Geography, and Art within the Montessori curriculum. Children get to work with maps and use pull pins to pinpoint capitals. This enhances motor memory when it comes to learning and retaining new concepts and facts.

Enjoy Parent's Night Out the Second Friday of every month until 11:00 P.M!

State-Of-The-Art Security Protects Your Child

Rest assured your child is in good hands as they learn, play, and interact with friends. Chain link fences around the playground, locked doors with code-access only, and security cameras mean they are safe and free to flourish.
Healthy and Delicious Meals They Love

Healthy and Delicious Meals They Love

A professional on-site cook prepares your child’s breakfast, lunch, and snacks every day, making sure they stay energized, focused, and present for their day. Hot healthy meals meet CACFP Federal Food Program standards and focus on nutrition. Teachers also say grace and eat with children to model table etiquette.

Child-Sized Sinks And Toilets Promote Independence

Children wash their hands on arrival and throughout the day. Sinks and toilets sized for children help them feel confident taking care of themselves and encourage practical life skills, self-determination and independence. If they can do it, we let them.

Guidance For Good Habits And Behavior

Color-coded areas help children return the item they are working with to its original home. Teachers model good table manners when they eat with children. In these ways, your child builds responsibility, autonomy, and healthy habits.

Connecting With Nature Through Outdoor Play

Your child enjoys up to three hours every day in the largest playground in town, climbing on structures, moving about, and riding around the bike track. They learn about the natural world while building confidence and gross motor skills.  
Play Outdoors To Keep Your Child Happily Active

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Program Provides over 850 Local Families With A New Children’s Book Every Month

A Global Mindset To Promote Critical Thinking

Children learn about food and animals from different places to develop a global viewpoint. According to the Montessori method, they begin their discovery with tangible objects like maps and an outside mural before moving to abstract concepts like a sense of their place in the world.

The Ultimate Support Every Parent Needs

In addition to the reliable care and development that your child receives, you also have access to additional support. Spaces for needed therapy, a parenting library, and a Facebook group help keep you informed and empowered.

The Ultimate Support Every Parent Needs - Pre-K Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Huntsville, TX

Open Communication You Can Count On

Know what your little one is up to each day with Brightwheel™. Through the easy-to-use app, your child’s teacher keeps you up to date on your child’s meals, naps, activities, and learning progress so that you have peace of mind.

Hear What Parents Have To Say

"I can trust and I know they will be taken care of!"
My children absolutely love it here! The summer feild trips for the kids are amazing including splash town and the zoo's and skating, but what I really love about them is that I can trust them with my children and I know they will be taken care of!
"We receive daily reports of her meals and potty schedule!"
The staff is amazing. Beginning in the nursery, she was taught sign language. Her communication skills verbal and sign are better than some adults. I credit Tomorrow's Promise with assisting with development of her learning skills.
Sabrina McNabb
"My first experience with a daycare!"
I had heard horror stories of child care and was really hesitant of taking my kids to daycare, but I had no choice as a single mom working full time with no other resources. These people have been absolutely wonderful to me and my kids.
Samantha Collier

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